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The University of African Art Press publishes online. We make serious materials available electronically to the entire world, for the promotion of African art.

African art studies have been limited by the ready availability of books and other relevant materials. Because of limited resources, university and commercial publishers encourage production of books with commercial value, at the neglect of scholarly and creative rigor.

We publish new materials and classics in African, Diaspora, and Aboriginal Arts.  We specifically invite documents for publication on all subjects (contemporary or historical) of African art.

We do online publications of books, monographs, catalogues, videos, audios, performance, mixed media, animation, multimedia and films. We especially welcome manuscripts and other materials and documents focusing on difficult subject, exploring obscure and serious topics, investigating new ways or methods, experimenting with materials, and using inventive, pedantic, or other creative sources and languages.

We particularly invite not only pedagogical and educational materials, but also intellectual, scholarly, experimental, and artistic manuscripts and other documents that go beyond the interest of traditional publishing houses because they lack commercial value, or because they are too expensive to produce as books, or because the focus may be too specialized.

If your manuscript is important but out of print or of limited circulation, we will produce its electronic edition. If your manuscript is new, we will submit it to a scholarly editorial review, and if it makes a significant contribution to the understanding and study of African art, we will be happy to publish it.

Please send all materials to Moyo Okediji, TUAA, 12919 Candlestick Lane, Austin, TX 78727 United States. Small files may be electronically mailed to

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